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Our service
MyHouseMyStreet provides access to archival materials for the use of transcription, browsing and research.

User contributions
MyHouseMyStreet is a platform for hosting and accessing contributions by our user. We are not obliged to moderate content and are not liable for the material on this website.
Any material that is copyrighted, belongs to others, or for which you do not have permission should not be submitted to MyHouseMyStreet, and may be removed.
We do our best to encourage and monitor the quality of our content but do not guarantee its accuracy and are not liable for any damages caused by the use of this content.
Should you wish to leave our community, your contributions will remain in our database and continue to appear on the website.
We will use our best endeavours to address disputes submitted to us and will attempt to remove offensive or upsetting materials if requested to do so.

Contacting you
From time to time, we may send you emails regarding changes in service. You may also receive emails if you have signed up for our newsletter. We will always provide an unsubscribe link in all emails.
We may use content, including records from our database, for educational, promotional and commercial activities. Where possible, we will credit and notify the contributor.