History at home

Got some free time? Like history? Then why not help develop our database about the historic homes and residents of Brighton & Hove?

(Note: this Requires Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice or similar spreadsheet software.)

Set out below is a list of city streets by decade.

Each street name is a hyperlink that navigates to a page on where you will find a list all of the Directories published in a single decade for the street you’ve selected.

You can help us by transcribing these Directory pages into searchable text, so that our database can supply local people with a quick answer to the question, ‘Who lived in my house before me?’

Here’s how you proceed:

1) Select a street and decade from the list and send us an email to tell us what you’ve chosen - we’ll let everyone know that your section is spoken for!

2) Read the Transcription Guide (68KB PDF) that explains how to participate.

3) Download the street directory Transcription Template, (Excel XLS file).

4) Then go to the MHMS page you’ve selected and, starting with the earliest year available , enter the data printed on the page into the template, following the process in the Transcription Guide.

When you have finished your first year, save your work. Then, reopen a blank copy of the transcription template and process the next volume. When you have finished all the volumes in your chosen decade, please email copies of your completed sheets to us via: terence@rth.org.uk.

When you send us completed work, please tell us whether you want your contribution to be anonymous, or whether we can list your name (or supplied nick-name) against the decade you’ve completed, so that we can acknowledge your contribution.

If you have any questions about the process before you start working, or they arise whilst you are processing date, help is available via: terence@rth.org.uk.

Street List

Rochester Street - in the Brighton College area

Rochester Street 1881-1890  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1891-1900  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1901-1910  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1911-1920  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1921-1930  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1931-1940  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1941-1950  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1951-1960  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1961-1970  Now spoken for!

Rochester Street 1971-1980  Now spoken for!


Hendon Street - in the Brighton College area

Hendon Street 1871-1880

Hendon Street 1881-1890

Hendon Street 1891-1900

Hendon Street 1901-1910

Hendon Street 1911-1920

Hendon Street 1921-1930

Hendon Street 1931-1940

Hendon Street 1941-1950

Hendon Street 1951-1960

Hendon Street 1961-1970

Hendon Street 1971-1980


Bute Street - in the Brighton College area

Bute Street 1881-1890

Bute Street 1891-1900

Bute Street 1901-1910

Bute Street 1911-1920

Bute Street 1921-1930

Bute Street 1931-1940

Bute Street 1941-1950

Bute Street 1951-1960

Bute Street 1961-1970

Bute Street 1971-1980


Walpole Terrace - in the Brighton College area

Walpole Terrace 1871-1880

Walpole Terrace 1881-1890

Walpole Terrace 1891-1900

Walpole Terrace 1901-1910

Walpole Terrace 1911-1920

Walpole Terrace 1921-1930

Walpole Terrace 1931-1940

Walpole Terrace 1941-1950

Walpole Terrace 1951-1960

Walpole Terrace 1961-1970

Walpole Terrace 1971-1980


Canning Street - in the Brighton College area

Canning Street 1881-1890  Now spoken for!

Canning Street 1891-1900  Now spoken for!

Canning Street 1901-1910  Now spoken for!

Canning Street 1911-1920  Now spoken for!

Canning Street 1921-1930  Now spoken for!

Canning Street 1931-1940

Canning Street 1941-1950

Canning Street 1951-1960

Canning Street 1961-1970


Atlingworth Street - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Atlingworth Street 1841-1850

Atlingworth Street 1851-1860

Atlingworth Street 1861-1870

Atlingworth Street 1871-1880

Atlingworth Street 1881-1890

Atlingworth Street 1891-1900

Atlingworth Street 1901-1910

Atlingworth Street 1911-1920

Atlingworth Street 1921-1930

Atlingworth Street 1931-1940

Atlingworth Street 1941-1950

Atlingworth Street 1951-1960

Atlingworth Street 1961-1970

Atlingworth Street 1971-1980


Grafton Street - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Grafton Street 1841-1850

Grafton Street 1851-1860

Grafton Street 1861-1870

Grafton Street 1871-1880

Grafton Street 1881-1890

Grafton Street 1891-1900

Grafton Street 1901-1910

Grafton Street 1911-1920

Grafton Street 1921-1930

Grafton Street 1931-1940

Grafton Street 1941-1950

Grafton Street 1951-1960

Grafton Street 1961-1970

Grafton Street 1971-1980


Lower Rock Gardens - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Lower Rock Gardens 1821-1830

Lower Rock Gardens 1831-1840

Lower Rock Gardens 1841-1850

Lower Rock Gardens 1851-1860

Lower Rock Gardens 1861-1870

Lower Rock Gardens 1871-1880

Lower Rock Gardens 1881-1890

Lower Rock Gardens 1891-1900

Lower Rock Gardens 1901-1910

Lower Rock Gardens 1911-1920

Lower Rock Gardens 1921-1930

Lower Rock Gardens 1931-1940

Lower Rock Gardens 1941-1950

Lower Rock Gardens 1951-1960

Lower Rock Gardens 1961-1970

Lower Rock Gardens 1971-1980


Wyndham Street - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Wyndham Street 1841-1850

Wyndham Street 1851-1860

Wyndham Street 1861-1870

Wyndham Street 1871-1880

Wyndham Street 1881-1890

Wyndham Street 1891-1900

Wyndham Street 1901-1910

Wyndham Street 1911-1920

Wyndham Street 1921-1930

Wyndham Street 1931-1940

Wyndham Street 1941-1950

Wyndham Street 1951-1960

Wyndham Street 1961-1970

Wyndham Street 1971-1980


Marine Gardens - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Marine Gardens 1881-1890

Marine Gardens 1891-1900

Marine Gardens 1901-1910

Marine Gardens 1911-1920

Marine Gardens 1921-1930

Marine Gardens 1931-1940

Marine Gardens 1941-1950

Marine Gardens 1951-1960

Marine Gardens 1961-1970

Marine Gardens 1971-1980


Charlotte Street - off St James Street, going south to the sea

Charlotte Street 1851-1860  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1861-1870  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1871-1880  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1881-1890  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1891-1900  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1901-1910  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1911-1920  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1921-1930  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1931-1940  

Charlotte Street 1941-1950  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1951-1960  Now spoken for!

Charlotte Street 1961-1970  Now spoken for!


Park Crescent - in the Park Crescent area

Park Crescent 1851-1860

Park Crescent 1861-1870

Park Crescent 1871-1880

Park Crescent 1881-1890

Park Crescent 1891-1900

Park Crescent 1901-1910

Park Crescent 1911-1920

Park Crescent 1921-1930

Park Crescent 1931-1940

Park Crescent 1941-1950

Park Crescent 1951-1960

Park Crescent 1961-1970

Park Crescent 1971-1980


Park Crescent Place - in the Park Crescent area

Park Crescent Place 1871-1880

Park Crescent Place 1881-1890

Park Crescent Place 1891-1900

Park Crescent Place 1901-1910

Park Crescent Place 1911-1920

Park Crescent Place 1921-1930

Park Crescent Place 1931-1940

Park Crescent Place 1941-1950

Park Crescent Place 1951-1960

Park Crescent Place 1961-1970

Park Crescent Place 1971-1980


Newport Street - in the Park Crescent area

Newport Street 1891-1900

Newport Street 1901-1910

Newport Street 1911-1920

Newport Street 1921-1930

Newport Street 1931-1940

Newport Street 1941-1950

Newport Street 1951-1960

Newport Street 1961-1970

Newport Street 1971-1980


Rose Hill - in the Park Crescent area

Rose Hill 1841-1850

Rose Hill 1851-1860

Rose Hill 1861-1870

Rose Hill 1871-1880

Rose Hill 1881-1890

Rose Hill 1891-1900

Rose Hill 1901-1910

Rose Hill 1911-1920

Rose Hill 1921-1930

Rose Hill 1931-1940

Rose Hill 1941-1950

Rose Hill 1951-1960

Rose Hill 1961-1970

Rose Hill 1971-1980


Trinity Street - in the Park Crescent area

Trinity Street 1881-1900  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1891-1900  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1901-1910  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1911-1920  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1921-1930  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1931-1940  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1941-1950  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1951-1960  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1961-1970  Now spoken for!

Trinity Street 1971-1980  Now spoken for!


St Martins Street - in the Park Crescent area

St Martins Street 1861-1870  Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1881-1890  Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1891-1900 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1901-1910 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1911-1920 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1921-1930 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1931-1940 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1941-1950 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1951-1960 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1961-1970 Now spoken for!

St Martins Street 1971-1980 Now spoken for!


Brewer Street - in the Park Crescent area

Brewer Street 1861-1870  Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1881-1890  Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1891-1900 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1901-1910 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1911-1920 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1921-1930 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1931-1940 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1941-1950 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1951-1960 Now spoken for!

Brewer Street 1961-1970 Now spoken for!