Occupancy data

In this section you can search the occupancy data the project has thus far produced. If you live in a street we have processed, this will reveal the past occupants of your home, the jobs they did, where they came from, and more.

In time, we will provide more sophisticated tools for searching the data, for the time being, however, use the simple search system below, by selecting your street and entering the building number for which you wish to obtain data.

Year Forename Surname Age Relation Occupation Place born County born Country born
1851 William Wilson 39 Head Plumber, Painter, Glazier and Paperhanger employs 6 men 1 Apprentice and 1 Errand Boy Bretby Derbyshire
1851 Mary Wilson 35 Wife Brighton
1851 Mary Wilson 3 Daughter Brighton
1851 Francis Thomas Wilson 10m Son Brighton
1851 Charlotte Rasom 16 Niece Brighton
1851 Eliza Wilson 18 Niece Royston Essex
1861 William Wilson 49 Head Plumber, Painter Bilby Derbyshire
1861 Mary Wilson 45 Wife Brighton Sussex
1861 William H. Wilson 7 Son Brighton Sussex
1861 Alfred Wilson 2 Son Brighton Sussex
1861 Harriet Burt 18 Servant Servant Ditchling Sussex
1871 Mary Wilson 55 Head Plumber Painter VC (Employing 12 men and 1 boy) Brighton Sussex
1871 Francis J. Wilson 20 Son Builder Brighton Sussex
1871 William Henry Wilson 17 Son Clerk Plumber's Brighton Sussex
1871 Alfred Wilson 12 Son Scholar Brighton Sussex
1871 Elizabeth Cooke 21 Visitor Lewes Sussex
1871 Harriett Linfield 21 Servant General Servant Ditchling Sussex
1881 Thomas J Wilson 30 Head Plumber Painter & Decorator Brighton Sussex
1881 Harriet E. Wilson 24 Wife Lewes Sussex
1881 Francis W. Wilson 2 Son Brighton Sussex
1881 Mary Wilson Daughter Brighton Sussex
1881 William H Wilson 27 Brother Dealer Shopman Brighton Sussex
1881 Mary Comfort 48 Visitor Eartham Sussex
1881 Suzanne Maide 19 Servant Domestic Servant Lewes Sussex
1881 Rosalie Geesing 19 Servant Domestic Servant Ashburnham Sussex
1891 Joseph Hallet 31 Head Watchmaker Brighton Sussex
1891 Ann Hallet 26 Wife Millwall Poplar London
1891 Rose Hallet 12m Daughter Brighton Sussex
1891 Louisa Pepper 16 Servant General Servant Domestic Brighton Sussex
1901 Joseph Hallett 41 Head Master Watchmaker Brighton Sussex
1901 Anne Hallett 37 Wife Millwall London
1901 Rose Hallett 11 Daughter Brighton Sussex
1901 Leonard Hallett 8 Son Brighton Sussex
1901 Ethel Saunders 13 Servant General Servant Domestic St Johns Wood London